What we do

What we do

At Kakos Kids, we are dedicated to improving the daily lives of disadvantaged children through our comprehensive programs and initiatives.

Through our efforts, we renovate orphanages, build sports facilities, and conduct drives for essential items such as toys, clothes, books, and school supplies.

Our flagship program is the free summer sports camps for street children, providing a safe space for them to connect, play sports, and develop confidence. We go beyond sports by incorporating activities related to life skills, mental health, psychosocial support, and art.

Furthermore, we foster partnerships with organizations like the CENTRE HOSPITALIER DE FONTAINE, expanding our reach and enhancing our programs with additional activities like field trips, career days, cultural exchanges, and cooking classes.

By providing these opportunities, we aim to empower children to become ambassadors of change, offering hope and transforming their communities and their country for the better.

Join Together For Charity

Help us empower disadvantaged children in Haiti through your generous donation. Every contribution makes a difference in providing education, sports programs, and essential support.