Leadership is a key aspect of KAKO’S KIDS FOUNDATION’s approach to empowering disadvantaged children in Haiti. We strive to cultivate leadership skills and qualities in our young participants through various initiatives. By engaging in leadership development programs, children learn to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and take initiative. They are encouraged to embrace responsibility, set goals, and inspire others. Through mentorship and guidance, we nurture their confidence, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. We believe that fostering leadership skills not only empowers children to become agents of change within their communities but also equips them with essential tools for success in their personal and professional lives, creating a positive ripple effect that transcends generations.

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Help us empower disadvantaged children in Haiti through your generous donation. Every contribution makes a difference in providing education, sports programs, and essential support. 

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Children are given a platform to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.


We aim to instill a sense of confidence, self-worth, and resilience in each child.

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