Giving Back & Helping Others with Haiti’s Kako Bourjolly

Giving Back & Helping Others with Haiti’s Kako Bourjolly

As a comedian and actor, Kako Bourjolly is one of Haiti’s best known entertainers but it was for his work with his foundation, Kako’s Kids, that Enda was first introduced to him in Port-au-Prince in 2014.

Since then they have met and worked together and built up a relationship as they helped to inspire and motivate some of the workers on the impoverished island that suffered so badly in the wake of a 2010 earthquake killing an estimated 230,000 of its people.

Giving back is one of Kako’s missions and he helps do it through his Kako’s Kids foundation helping to educate Haiti’s kids and organise clean water for some of the island’s poorest families.

His interview with Enda is one of hope and inspiration, showing how comedy and laughter can help people to rise up even in the face of natural disasters and ongoing poverty.

If you can help just one person, he believes, then the ripple effect will affect so many more lives and it is his call to action for people listening to this podcast to look around you, to your family and friends and to see what you can do to inspire and help someone today.

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